Our ve-gain B12 spray

We created the formula for direct working vegan strength ve-gain B12 spray as an alternative to tablets, capsules and products with bulking agents and unnecessary artificial ingredients.

Developed by vegans for vegans – the best value and most effective form of B12 possible.

  • Best absorbed: 1) we use a coenzyme form of B12, 2) we made a spray which starts working in your mouth, 3) we offer the right dose (40,000% NRV) to cover your daily needs in one spray
  • Here us how: 1000µg vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin MecobalActive™ in a single spray provides you with an average estimated bioavailable supply of 10µg (NOTE: because your body can only absorb a fraction of your intake, with ve-gain you always hit more than 100% NRV after absorption and in this way replenish your B12 store. This is a good precaution as 100% NRV total content in tablet form or in fortified foods will NOT REACH your organism).
  • A high quality product from a vegan company – we only sell vegan products – cruelty free, organic ingredients where possible, environmentally friendly packaged in a glass bottle
  • Best ingredients: 1) no ingredients from outside the UK/EU, 2) manufactured to GMP standards in the United Kingdom, 3) MecobalActive™ is our choice of B12 as it is purer, more bioavailable and manufactured in an environmentally friendly way
  • Developed with the help of a specialist vegan nutritionist
  • Offers B12 on a daily basis for 4 months. That is a just 12pence per 1000µg serving. Do compare our strength and number of servings with other products – it is worth doing!

We offer clean and clever ingredients:

  1. Tablets are full of unwanted ingredients like silicon dioxide and sodium ascorbate. Pure B12 can be dissolved in water so we added it to an organic mint hydrolate. It offers a natural taste and the goodness of the plant flavonoids. No unnecessary additives.
  2. Methylcobalamin MecobalActive™ has been ecologically produced using microorganisms. It is very pure and does not contain trace elements of cyanide – evading the negative effects of using cheap synthetic cyanocobalamin.
  3. Real birch xylitol (XIVIA®) adds a light sweetness while keeping your teeth healthy. It is produced more environmentally friendly than any other natural sweetener and is not made from GMO soy like other brands of xylitol. Now you can take your B12 after brushing your teeth.
  • No fillers
  • No added flavourings
  • No colourings
  • No allergens
  • No coatings
  • No GMO

Only 1 spray per day covers your needs. Please read the label. Amazing value: 16.5ml – enough for over 120 sprays or 4 months.

MecobalActive ™ is a trademark of INTERQUIM, S.A.